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Product formulation
with specific effects

All our formulations are developed within guidelines to ensure a quality control that surpasses our industry standards.

Sublingual oils


Our sublingual formulations can be derived from a single strain or from a blend of various strains to produce specific, stable, and reproducible effects.



Our formulations of oils for vaporizers are made exclusively of cannabis extracts, and are the result of a rigorous research and development process. They perfectly reproduce the various organoleptic profiles of the plant, while being a discreet alternative to combustion.



Our edibles are meticulously developed so that consumers can enjoy both the advantages of cannabis and the other benefits of the premium ingredients and superfoods that go into them. Each ingredient is carefully selected to play a very specific role in our food matrices.



Our cosmetic products are made with premium ingredients for you to unwind, and also ensure optimal protection and conditioning of the dermis.

Gayonica, a
key partner

Whether you want to leverage your crops into a value-added product, find a strategic partnership for your business, or find a functional vehicle for your products, Gayonica is the partner of choice. Together, we will develop, optimize and market innovative cannabis products, along with recognized associations.

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